Welcome to Prescribers’ SPaCE (Sharing Practice and Continuing Education)

Prescribers’ SPaCE provides an effective online community for non-medical prescriber’s (NMP) to work together to share ideas, evidence based resources and good practice tools.  This will support quality prescribing and the efficient development of new and extended roles by non-medical prescribers within their locality.  In addition, it will support non-medical prescribers with continuing professional development (CPD) through access to the latest evidence, e-learning, and information on relevant courses and conferences.  We provide a platform for NMP innovation to be celebrated and shared to develop non-medical prescribing across the NHS.


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The information contained in this website is based on evidence available at the time of writing and experiences of other Non Medical Prescribers.  It is for guidance & advice only, and prescribers remain responsible for their patients’ care and prescriptions signed.

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